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Cleridrendeum Aculeatum

Cleridrendeum Aculeatum

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This plant is recognized and indicated for respiratory issues and problems and can be utilized and used in the planning and preparation of different Ayurvedic medicines for restoring and improving your health. It possesses pungent odor, taste like astringent, and maybe hot in strength and potency as well. It has valuable and useful if you are having a cough, shortness of breath, wound, experiencing swelling, has liver issues, and neurological issues and disorders as well. The extract prepared from the leaves has bronchodilator actions to your body as well.

It is certainly not a poisonous plant as well. The leaves and blossoms can be used and can be eaten as vegetables either. These particular leaves have the property to improve craving or increase your appetite and have expectorant property as well. The roots have antipyretic, liver-protecting properties and have anti-inflammatory properties as well. In certain parts in India, the root is utilized and used to aid and mend in Jaundice’s condition as well.


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