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Mauby Bark

Mauby Bark

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Mauby Bark is a drink that is consumed in many Caribbean countries. It comes from the tree: Colubrina elliptica or soldierwood and It's flavor is similar to Root Beer but with a bitter-sweet after taste. Many prefer it served cold with Ice. For ages, traditional folk medicine practitioners have raved about Mauby bark benefits. Mauby tea benefits include joint health, arthritis, lowering blood pressure, and improving digestion. Mauby tea benefits and qualities make it useful for treating imbalances, such as digestive issues. Mauby tea can be easily made at home and is a convenient way of consuming Mauby for its potential health benefits. Mauby benefits have the potential to regulate blood sugar levels, increase immunity and reduce pain. Mauby tea benefits include its ability to reduce the pain and symptoms of arthritis. Arthritis is the swelling and tenderness of one or more of your joints. The anti-inflammatory properties seem to help relieve pain and improve function for all types of arthritis. Some research indicates that Mauby benefits may help lower cholesterol. Mauby benefits can help quiet an upset stomach. It also offers a range of health benefits including improved digestion, decreased inflammation, and increased blood flow. Some research also indicates that Mauby benefits may help lower blood pressure. Follow the package instructions for preparation method.

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