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Pavana / Croton /Dracaena Draco

Pavana / Croton /Dracaena Draco

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PAVANA / Croton / Draco / Pavana Tiglium

Is know in the Caribbean as CROTON. Pavana tiglium is the scientific name for this wonder herb that has powerful detoxifying properties.

Pavana herb uses:

How to make Pavana

Infusion. Add tsp of twig to 1 cup of water . Steep & take 1-2 times daily.

Decoction. Add tsp leaves , bark , twigs & roots per cup of water . Boil 3-5 min. Allow to steep 15-25 min. Take 2-3 times daily.

Ask your healthcare provider before consuming . Not recommended if pregnant or nursing.


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